Master Training In Our Martial Arts School

“ It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop. Wisdom of Confucius   

A snippet of September training.  Some reaction drills, some core conditioning and lots of sweat.

Master Bogdanski and Master Duethorrn

Master Training In Our Martial Arts School turned 3 today!

Master Training In Our Martial Arts School turned 3 today!

A functional warmup, front kicks, back kicks, jump back kicks and more

Cross training is the key to keeping things fresh.  We point spar, kickbox, grapple and do mma.  We do love our martial arts here.

It’s interesting to see the “modernization” of martial arts but it is all here in our traditional Tang Soo Do.

When I train in boxing I channel my first boxing coach Rollie Pier who was my 5th grade teacher and Lenny Stavrou who helped me coach me and some of my guys when we were doing a lot of kickboxing.

Thanks to these great teachers.  I do my best to pass on what you taught me.

Master Training July 2013

We started our warmup with tabata training.  High intensity intervals.  We did 16 cycles super setting - planks, ball push ups, step up/knee kicks and squat ball toss.

Boxing combos on focus mitts to build speed and agility.  It is essential to feed pads the correct way as to get best benefit from the drill.  Add in footwork after the drills have been delivered in a smooth fashion.

Next week we will do combos with kicks.

Master Bogdanski and Master Duethorn


Master Training 12/17/12

master training

Workout Outline: Tuesday am ( one hour) December 18th, 2012

Warm up: 

1.   Left and right X 10 each warm up pace onto stationary pad

Front kick/side kick/roundhouse/ax

Back fist/rev punch/ridge hand

Repeat above on heavy bag ( except Ax) with more power

2.   Using little dragon bag as target:

Left and right X10 each

Hook kick/rev cresent/spin rev cresent


3.   Bag Work 3 X3 minute rounds

Ten hand and foot techniques of choice/tenth one must be a spin kick

Continue for all three minutes

Rest one minute in between


4.   TABATA ( 4 minutes of workout time 20 seconds on 10 off = 8 rounds)

1.Back Fist with red resistance back 4 rounds left / 4 rounds right

 2. Sit ups –v up style- with single leg raise all 8 rounds alternating legs during the whole time.

3. High block with red resistance band 4 left side/4 right side

4. SLOW round house kick round/slow side kick round switch stance repeat until tabata time over.

5. Forms: Jion and Sallo

6. Stretch.


Workout December 13th, 2012

15 minute bike ride warm up

3X10 20lb (35lb) kettle bell swings

3X10 exercise ball hamstring curls

2 bear crawls/ 2 crab walks

100 Jab/ridge hands on bag Left and right

100 diving ridge hands left and rignt on bag

1X10 each of left and right: all with in and out footwork

          Backfist/rev punch


          Fake side/back fist

          Fake roundhouse/back fist

4x10 spin back kicks one exercise ball

3X bassai so

3X Nai han chi chodan

2 x chilsung yukro

1 x Jion

2X one minute Left and right random kicking practice on partner ( alternating with partner)

2X1 minute double kicking towards partner (alternating with partner) Left and right side

2X1 minute left and right ax kick reaction drill

5 X10 Left and right machine gun kicks ( total 100/ 50 each side)

2X25 Left and right machine gun kick sets( total 100!)

Workout December 11th, 2012

2x25 med ball squat toss

2X25 grappling sit out drill left side and right side

3 X25 towel grip TRX

(partner does plank while waiting to use TRX)

Sip Su

Dagger Form


Push ups with Med ball crush

Tabata sets on heavy bag

Round house kick

Side kick

Side roundhouse kick

2x25 Left and Right Ax kick followed by 10 slow

2X10 hook kick

Workout December 12th, 2012 

Adult advanced class

One mile cardio arc train

4x10 262lb leg press

4x8 25 lb dumbbell chest press

2x12 70lb lat pull down

3x10 45 lb incline press

4x10 tricep overhead bar

4x20 lb bicep curl


Tuesday June 19th

Jab X 10 rev punch X10 repeat on other side 10 step ups on mat repeat cycle 5 times
10 low side kicks left/10  low side kicks right step up on mat lunge off repeat 5 times
 bridge on mat/sit up combo X25
25 push ups
25 dips on chairs
Round house drills: up and down floor with partner.
with block
with side cover all
with side cover all and counter
Side Kick Drill:
with block
 with block and ridge hand
25 push ups
25 dips
4 one minutes bag rounds
25 dips
25 push ups
25 sit ups and bridges

Pyang Ahn O Dan x 3
Chil Sung Yuk Ro
Sai Form Practice
Kama Forms

Tuesday June 12th

Medicine Ball Throws

 Medicine Ball toss on Wall

Exercise Ball Squeezes

Exercise Ball Hamstring /bridge

Exercise Ball Side Plank

Shadow Box

Bag rounds 4.X 1 minute

Back Fist Reverse Punch in and out X25 each stance

2 X100 Roundhouse Wall kicks

So Jin X 3

Wanshu  X 3                                    Jion

Shei san X 3

Sai Form Review

Kama form for demo team.

Monday: June 11th.

Bag work warm up

Sparring Pad drills

Ridge hand drills

Slow side kick 25 right and 25 left on wall

Slow roundhouse kick 25 right 25 left on wall

100 reverse punches.. no gloves.. on bag right and 100 left

Back fist shovel punch 2x50 on bag

Plank ½ push up ( almost killed me)

Blocking drills ( acquired bruises)

Nai han chi Samdan X3

Wan shu X3

Kama Form X many.

Shoulder rehab

More Tabata training!

Train hard!

Tabata Training

So after a few months off due to Surgeries etc, we hope to be back on track.  I competed in a tournament this past weekend, and for the first time, I did not feel totally petrified.  So now I am looking forward to a few more, and always, I enjoy the preparation.  This month we are focusing our workouts around using the  Tabata Training method. Check out this link for a quick description of this type of High Intensity Interval Training.    Each week we will post one of the workouts we did with details and video, and the rest will be just be general description, goals and updates.   This week, we focused on getting back on track.  I can’t wait to add more sparring and grappling back to our routine.

Workout 1

Am Karate class teaching/ followed by:

Sparring Drills: Back Fist /Ax Kick   and Rev. Punch/Ax kick

2 sets of 20 fly/row combo on TRX

200 situps

Forms: Lohai/Kong son Koon/

Cardio – 5 min Jog/ 15 Sprints 30 second sprint/ 30 jog

Weight lifting: leg curls   2 sets of 25 at 50 lbs

Glute exercises on hip rotator machine

Weighted leg raises/all four sides with 5lb weights

Workout 2 ( with video)

All tabata rounds of 8 each.

1.       Step up on Mat with 12 lb med ball over head raise/ step down/step up / med ball tricep exercise behind head.

2.       Sit out drill

3.       Front kick from crab position

4.       Back fist reverse punch on heavy bag left lead

5.       Back fist reverse punch on heavy bag right lead

6.       Hook kick over small bag left lead

7.       Hook kick over small bag right lead

8.       Palm block /reverse punch retreating footwork-left lead

9.       Palm block/reverse punch retreating footwork-right lead

10.   Slide up side kick/light contact to pad right lead

11.   Slide up side kick /light contact to pad left lead.

All the above were separate sets of 8 rounds tabata/ no rest time.

Forms Practice:  Wanshu, Unsu, Lohai, chil sung yukro.

TRX pike handstands for ab work/ ball rolls into ball plank for abs


Workout 3

Am class teaching

30 minutes sparring matches

Tabata Bagwork

Tabata Side kick holds

Sparring drills

Not a lot covered, but intense- could not walk right the next day after side kick hold for twenty seconds!

Workout 4

Tabata time again

1 Jab/reverse punch on bag right lead

2. jab/reverse punch on bag left lead

3. rows on TRX split with pull up holds on vertical bar

4 body upper cut on bag right

5 body upper cut on bag left

6 sliding double round house kick left leg

7. sliding double roundhouse kick right leg

Forms Practice: Sei Shan, Pol Wol, San chin.